Privacy Policy

Handling of Personal Information

 Based on "Ordinance on the Protection of Personal Information", Hyogo Prefecture's official website ( will respect users' privacy and protect private information of individuals with care as described below.

1. Definition of Personal Information

Personal information includes information such as address, name, phone number and e-mail address, which can identify individuals by comparison with or without other information.

2. Personal information collected by Hyogo Prefecture's official website

 You can make use of most contents without providing personal information. For contents such as E-mail magazine and online survey, you might be required to sing up with private information when necessary at your own wish.
 Your Personal Information will only be used for settled purposes in accordance with this policy and will not be used or provided for other purposes without your agreement.

3. Personal Information Management

Personal information collected on our website will be strictly controlled and be prevented from leaking, misappropriation, or falsification, etc., by our system managers.

4. SSL(Encrypted Communication) of Information

 Information being exchanged between public web server and your browser will be protected by cryptography with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) in order to protect personal information safely and properly. No third party on the Internet could access to or falsify your information.

5. Records of Access Log

 User domain, IP address and date will be recorded by web server when you access to Hyogo Prefecture's official website. That information is only used to distinguish iniquity access and check access situation. It will not be used or provided to a third party without due process. In addition, this information is not identifiable.

6. Records of Cookies

 Cookies are user information and access histories recorded by users' computers, which are necessary to use web servers. Hyogo Prefecture's official website only uses these cookies to keep track of users' choice of font size for better use later on.

7. Application of Privacy Policy

 This privacy policy is applicable to all pages of Hyogo Prefecture's official website.

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