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 Each effort is made to provide information collected by Phoenix Disaster Prevention System accurately and timely. However, please be advised that the information might be slightly different from official announcement afterwards.
 Also, please be advised that we might not be able to timely respond to individuals during emergency and initial states announced by information agencies.


  Information would be deleted without notice when we find it inappropriate or violating individual's privacy.
  We make efforts to keep the website running smoothly. Whereas, Hyogo Prefecture will take no responsibility for and will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by contents being changed or pages being temporarily unavailable without notice due to technical issues beyond our control, as well as similar situations caused by links related to other agencies.


Pages' functions would be limited with JavaScript not being activated for users of Internet Explorer 9 or above versions. Please release pop-up block when using Safari.


 It is not necessary for ownership or property to be advised on base map and geographic information. Due to the accuracy of base map, appearance might differ from actual location, bound, and shape.


 The copyright of "Damage Prediction" and "Hyogo Prefecture Disaster Prevention Map (Hazard Map)" shall belong to Hyogo prefecture.
The copyright of "Evacuation Information", "Disaster Information", "Shelter Information", "Organization", and "Summary of Damage" shall belong to each information providers respectively. Copyright of contents in linked websites shall belong to each site respectively. Other contents not listed above, such as page structure and design, etc., shall belong to Hyogo Prefecture inclusively.


 Information of Hyogo disaster prevention provided by information agencies belongs to the same copyright mentioned above (Copyright C159: C163). Nevertheless, we shall take no responsibility for its timeliness or accuracy.
 In no situation would we be responsible or liable for any loss or damage including direct or indirect actions based on information provided on this website.
Please judge comprehensively and take actions against disasters at your own risk with information provided by newspaper, TV programs, and other media.

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